One TV
User Experience

Visual Designer
6 Weeks
Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

The Story behind

One Subscription for full entertainment
One TV is a TV based service which provides the user access to various TV streamers like Netflix, Hulu, Rakuten...etc. as well as gives news about sports and other stuff.


During my masters, we had a class called Television Design Experience by Mr. Gerald, head of service design at 14 Agency, Barcelona. During his class we had the opportunity to learn about TV and also to design for the same.
My Role
I was responsible for designing the UI, UX, rendering layouts, and creating amazing experiences for TVs. I had the opportunity to work with our supervisor Gerald Pijoan, who guided us by giving valuable feedback. I created frameworks and prototypes to share the vision, design principles, and also came up with a visual identity for Television applications.
Over the six week timeline, we had four creative reviews where our supervisor gave me feedback and critiques on the entire project. I roughly had two weeks of total design time, then total of 3 weeks to apply the feedback and then finally last week was my final presentation.

Project Brief

What was asked?
To design an experience for a TV which contains various TV Platforms such as Netflix, Rakuten TV, Prime Video, Disney Plus etc.
This TV application is called ONE TV.
The Challenge: To solve the ¨What to Watch¨ issue that we all face when it comes to television.


People love to search and browse content
Most people spend most of their times binge watching what to exactly watch, they either search a specific movie, series or a show. Or they just keep looking through what shows up on their feed.
I categorized the company values in 3 sections
Maria Sanchez a fulltime teacher has a 8 year old child and in the evening when she´s home from work, she enjoys watching a show with her daughter. But finds it really difficult as to what to watch.

A quick sitemap based on her activities
I divided all the activities that Maria performed into a simple sitemap where I categorized them Content search Pages and Content Browse Pages and then added subcategories to see that matches and what does not.

Defining the Problem

Old school TV Remote Navigation
Our traditional TV remote provides a 4 way navigation which makes the navigation really difficult for user since to go from point A to point B, user has to perform multiple clicks to reach the point.

The navigation is limited since the navigation takes a lot of clicks to go around and search for a specific show or a movie.
We conducted a small research based on this navigation and found out the following.


We decided to provide block experience to easily navigate through different sections on TV as well as provide multiple options to view different contents.

Visual Design

I created blocks of various sections to make navigation much easier and also to help out users navigate throughout the experience much easily.

Simple block structure
A simple block structure was designed for the users to make a interactions easier and to easily navigate through the experience making it a worthwhile experience.

Take away

Learn from Luxury
Image is everything, so it is no surprise that a company’s brand needs to be seen as “exclusive and unique,” and exceed customer expectations. In other words, find a way to make your customer feel special.
Make the Brand Key
With this element, a company just needs to ask themselves one question: when deciding between their brand or another company’s brand, which will the customer choose? The answer is simple. The customer must be your brand. Every. Single. Time.
Be Useful, and Positive
To gain a customer’s attention, a company must first and foremost provide a product or service that fulfills a desire or solves a problem — essentially leaving some type of impact (positive improvement) on the world. Most importantly, the company must perform and provide all activities on a daily basis in order to ensure the brand is “intertwined” in the customer’s life.
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